How We Work

When it comes to bringing in an outside collaborator to take your mission to the next level, each individual organization varies greatly in public relations and communications needs. Here is a snap shot of what our initial work together might look like:
  • Initial consultation. The project manager will sit down with EmCubed on the phone or in person for a initial consultation. The initial consultation will be free of charge, and will help EmCubed to develop a scope of work for the project. This is where we talk about your needs, your deadlines, your current branding, and anything else relevant to the work.
  • Proposal. EmCubed will generate a proposal that will take the project through each phase to completion.
  • Agreement. The project manager will make any suggested changes or additions to the project scope, sign it, and the project launches.
  • Launch. Depending on the organization, it is helpful to plan a project launch meeting in which EmCubed will work with all the internal folks to have a hand in the project. These stakeholders may be an executive director or CEO and a public relations staff member, or it may be whole communications teams or boards. This meeting will allow all parties to give insight into the project, and develop a common vision for what success looks like to the team.
There are a few "best practices" that help lend to a project's success.
  • Creative brief. A creative brief encapsulates the overall vision for the project and is a great launch pad for success.
  • Revisions. Allow time in the project to get feedback and buy-in from internal staff.
  • A messenger. A company spokesperson in any public relations campaign must not only want to tell your story, but they are also passionate about the mission, the services, and the great work you do in the community. Leave the messages to us; we just need a good messenger.

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